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Tech Making A Difference

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Tech has its massive benefits and also some disadvantages, it all depends on the user. We can use tech to improve our lives or allow it to take over our lives.

#TechMakingADifference is about consciously using tech

*to holistically add value to the way we live and do business.

*to improve the quality of life.

*without compromising our health, responsibilities or relationships.

It’s not a secret that tech has come with new medical conditions and health concerns that are related to mental health and physical wellbeing e.g. envy, depression, anxiety, addiction and, tech neck, and eye strain. #TechMakingADifference is also about raising awareness and informing tech users on how to maintain good digital health and wellness.

Tech can make a difference depending on the intent of each user. It’s important to be clear about our intention as we interact with tech and go online. If we can be deliberate about how we use tech and the internet we can make greater impact and have notable progress.

So…the question is, ‘Is tech taking over your life or are you maximising it?’ If this article moved you and you are interested in joining the movement, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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