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Digital Marketing Simplified

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Digital marketing is using tech and digital platforms to market and advertise. Websites, social media, mobile applications and emails are the common ways businesses and brands advertise using online platforms and strategies.

In times past just having a website and/or social media account was enough to drive traffic and create visibility. This visibility did not require sponsoring but was organic. Organic traffic means you did not pay or sponsor any ads to get someone’s attention online. Through natural interest or searching, the person discovers your business, brand, service or product.

Now digital marketing requires more than just setting up a website or a social media account. It’s important to be clear who your ideal client is, where they hang out online, and what pain points your business solves in order to create the right content to attract them. It’s not enough to highlight how great your product is, but it’s more about how you can solve a client’s problem.

“If I am selling drills, I do not focus on the spins per second, or other features. I create content about making holes on various surfaces. This has multiple benefits, example – the ideal client will see you as the go-to person for such solutions, you establish yourself as an expert and you showcase your knowledge. ”

Digital marketing simplified is about

  1. understanding your ideal client,

  2. creating a relationship with the clients,

  3. bridging the gap from the time they discover your business to the day they are ready to buy from you.

Obviously all this effort should impact your bottom line whether it is increasing awareness or sales or generating traffic. Your presence online and digital marketing efforts should always have an end goal so you are not taking a stab in the dark. Your digital marketing should have key performance indicators that help you measure the impact of the digital marketing.

With the changing and dynamic way the internet operates this is where a digital marketing consultant or expert is needed because they understand how to leverage off the internet to maximise your business or online presence. There are massive benefits of correctly maximising digital marketing for your business. Will cover these in the next post.

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