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Own your digital destiny now.

E-lifestyle Coaching with Loveness Nleya, your digital expert.

The digital world has become an extension of who we are. As long as you go online and use tech regularly, then NEWSFLASH - you have an e-lifestyle.

The main goal as an e-Lifestyle Coach is to help you flourish online and as you use tech. 

Turn your E-life on

Digitally empowering individuals in Africa

Young people, young adults, parents, guardians and the elderly in Africa are connected online or using tech. The key is not to allow tech or the internet takeover our lives in an unhealthy or unproductive way. 
WE HAVE THE POWER! We will turn on that power on through sharing information, training, consultancy and pushing the boundaries of creatively empowering you to flourish in this Digital Age. Get ready to turn your e-life on.


What I Specialize In



Digital Wellness

& Health

Online safety, mental health & nettiquette

Essential Digital Skills

Online Money Creation


Master the digital skills you need and make the internet yours. 

“We were able to grow our business to a global reach using the affiliate marketing Loveness trained us on.”

- Tofara Chokera

(CEO & Founder : TofaraOnline)

“Loveness accelerated my dream and ideas of many years into reality.  Her coaching has played a significant role in my achievements.”

- Rudo Nyamoto

(Image Consultant, News Anchor, Author & Coach)

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